Taking Off The Rose Colored Glasses – Kristie Jones

Kristie Jones, Principal of Sales Acceleration Group is the go-to expert for privately owned, VC-backed or bootstrapped technology companies needing to build or improve their sales process, strategy, and people. She is passionate about helping companies select top talent and create a sales accountability culture to ensure revenue growth.


In today’s episode, Kristie sat down to discuss her approach in helping companies build their revenue whether it be improving their sales process, strategy, or hiring practices. A big part of being an outsider looking in is helping her client’s take off the rose-colored glasses so they can get to the heart of the issues that need fixing.


Tune in to learn about Kristie’s straight-forward, no-nonsense approach to helping businesses improve their process, strategy, and hiring practices.


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  • “I started the company about five years ago, I have about 15 years of SAS sales leadership experience. I made a decision that I could help more than one company at a time.” (8:15-8:26)
  • “Helping them understand that the only way to be successful building top of the funnel with an outbound prospecting strategy is consistency.” (14:15-14:20)
  • “That’s an embarrassing conversation to bring up- everybody’s sitting around looking successful and all of a sudden you haven’t been making any money for two to three years.” (19:32-19:39)


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