Building High-Performing Teams in a Virtual World – Ray Ruemmele, VP of Americas Sales


Join us for an enlightening episode of the Sales Lead Dog Podcast, where we sit down with Ray Ruemmele, the Vice President of Americas Sales at Kudelski Security. Ray takes us through the fascinating history of Kudelski Group, from Stefan Kudelski’s groundbreaking invention of the first commercially viable portable tape recorder to the company’s pivotal role in the evolution of digital content protection. Learn about Kudelski Security’s comprehensive offerings in cybersecurity, physical security, and IoT solutions, and discover how the company’s relentless innovation and dedication to client outcomes have solidified its leadership in the industry. 

Ray also shares his insights on the power of mentorship and networking in professional growth. Find out how a simple 15-minute meeting can open doors and how offering help in return fosters balanced and mutually beneficial relationships. Ray emphasizes the importance of stepping out of your comfort zone, taking on new responsibilities, and the critical role of effective communication, especially in the virtual landscape brought on by COVID-19. These strategies are key to building a cohesive and adaptable team in today’s fast-paced business environment. 

In addition, Ray delves into the nuances of strategic sales leadership, discussing essential sales methodologies like MedPick and Sandler. He highlights the significance of hiring for tenure, relevant experience, and matrix sales structure compatibility, and underscores the value of learning from both successes and failures. We explore the vital role of CRM alignment in accurate sales forecasting and team performance, and how a disciplined approach to CRM can drive significant business outcomes. Tune in for Ray’s invaluable advice on maximizing your CRM capabilities and ensuring your sales team is set up for success. 

Ray Ruemmele Vice President Americas for Kudelski Security. Ray is responsible for leading the go-to-market strategy in the US, with a special focus on driving continued growth of the company’s key offerings, services portfolio, and expanding client relationships. 

This includes strategies to increase the adoption of the company’s rapidly growing Managed Detection & Response Security (MDR) Services, Advisory and Consulting practices, as well as scaling indirect sales channels through new strategic alliances. 

Ray joined Kudelski Security in 2017 and was responsible for launching the West Region and was promoted to Americas VP of sales in 2021. His prior experience includes sales and leadership roles at Okta, Juniper, Lenovo, and IBM. Ray graduated from of the University of Illinois with a major in Business Administration and Marketing. 


“A simple, well-prepared 15-minute meeting can open doors you never imagined. The power of mentorship and networking is truly transformative in professional development.” 

“Effective communication and stepping out of your comfort zone are crucial, especially in today’s virtual business environment. It’s all about adapting and maintaining cohesion within the team.” 

“Understanding different sales frameworks like MedPick and Sandler can significantly enhance your hiring process and team alignment. It’s about finding the right fit and learning from both successes and failures.” 


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