Driving Efficiency in Sales with Revenue Flywheel Group’s Approach – Paul Butterfield, Founder and CEO


Unlock the secrets to a customer journey that will set your sales apart from the competition, as Paul Butterfield of Revenue Flywheel Group reveals the synergy of marketing and sales. Journey with us through Paul’s rich history in sales, from his encyclopedia-selling days to spearheading enablement on a global scale. Discover how the right methodology can transform your understanding of the customer and why aligning sales stages with the customer’s buying process isn’t just a nice-to-have, it’s a necessity for success.  

Embrace the “I’s” of personal growth—integrity, intelligence, and intensity—and learn how to sift through the noise to find sales strategies that truly elevate your game. Paul and I dissect the common pitfalls that hinder sales teams, such as ineffective prospect qualification and the misalignment between marketing and sales. By implementing structured approaches like Rev-ops assessments and SWOT analyses, we illuminate the path to improving sales effectiveness and setting realistic growth expectations.  

The conversation crescendos as we discuss the art of balancing efficiency with a customer-focused approach, offering practical tips to streamline account planning and CRM documentation. Paul imparts wisdom on developing a sales process that mirrors the customer’s journey, a strategy that not only speeds up sales but deepens customer relationships. As we welcome Paul into the Sales Lead Dog pack, you’re invited to explore the innovative solutions at Revenue Flywheel Group, promising to propel your sales team’s efficiency and effectiveness to new heights. 

Paul Butterfield has designed, built and led high impact revenue enablement strategies and teams for Vonage, G.E., NICE InContact, and Instructure. He’s coached Go-to-Market leaders from Expedia, ABB. Aspen Media, Orbitz, and Red Wing Shoes in change management and sales methodology adoption. Prior to his career as a revenue enablement leader he led channel and direct sales organizations for world-class companies including Intuit, Microsoft, and Hewlett Packard. Paul was the Executive Board President of the Revenue Enablement Society from 2022-2024. He produces and hosts the podcast “Stories From the Trenches” and is a regular keynote speaker on revenue enablement strategies and sales methodologies. 


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“When companies and revenue leaders, GTM leaders, think about enablement, right? There’s the old sales enablement model, which should have long been retired, and then we’d start talking about revenue enablement and that made some sense.

“I just don’t think you can really be effective in any kind of a complex sales deal or you’re trying to sell any kind of a complex solution without that deep understanding of the customer.

  “What we think doesn’t matter. Those people need to get that. It does not matter what we think.”

 “But to be fair, a lot of companies maybe don’t have that information. And the reason they don’t have it is I’m going to go back to the customer journey enablement that once the handoff from sales happens, there’s no knowledge transfer. Effective sellers are gathering. Right. Think about the kind of discovery we’re talking about. Okay. What’s the gap? What are the impacts to the business? You now have a baseline and you now have success metrics.” 



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