The Evolution of a Sales Leader in the World of Medicine – Jordan Sternberg, SVP Sales


Step into the future of healthcare with our latest episode featuring Jordan Sternberg from Signature MD, where we uncover the paradigm shift to concierge medicine. Unlock the secrets to a more personalized patient care experience as Jordan discusses the multitude of benefits this model offers to both practitioners and their patients. By fostering independence and improving financial stability, doctors are finding a renewed joy in their practice, ensuring that quality care goes hand-in-hand with a satisfying work-life balance.  

As we journey through Jordan’s own evolution from salesperson to sales leader, absorb the transformative lessons of mentorship and servant leadership that have shaped his career. Our conversation is a treasure trove for current and aspiring leaders, highlighting the art of learning from setbacks and fostering an ethos of cautious optimism. Standing testament to the resilience required in the world of sales, Jordan’s experiences with Care Club offer a powerful narrative on the importance of evolving personal and team strategies for success.  

Bringing the episode home, we cast a spotlight on the critical traits of sales leadership and how CRM technology can greatly augment a sales team’s performance. Discover through Jordan’s insight how empathy and transparency become the linchpins of effective leadership. When it comes to driving a team towards excellence, we find that empowering rather than micromanaging is the key. As we bid farewell to Jordan, our gratitude extends to you, our listeners, for your commitment to growing alongside us in the journey of sales leadership mastery. 

Jordan Sternberg is the SignatureMD Executive team as the Senior Vice President of Sales with 14 years of Healthcare sales leadership and sales operations experience. With his varied tenure spanning from his early days at ZocDoc to the recently Amazon-acquired Google Venture company One Medical, then at CareCloud managing representatives based in the USA and internationally in Pakistan, Jordan has consistently led the effective restructuring of membership sales and retention teams to achieve record sales growth and expansion. Prior to joining SignatureMD, Jordan worked with Dental Whale in Sunrise, Florida as the Head of Sales where he led a sales and customer experience team covering over 19,000 dentists across the country. Jordan resides in Palm Beach Gardens, FL with his wife, Amanda, and their two sons, Grady and Maddox.  When he’s not working, Jordan enjoys spending time with his family outdoors and spending time in the gym.

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“It’s about communication. If you are a good communicator… you can be a strong leader and it works out well for everyone and I think your team respects you more for being honest.” – On the importance of communication in leadership. 

“I believe that there’s always a good to everything… I am always happy… it’s how we get up and how we motivate each other to do better.” – On being a serial optimist. 

“As a leader, you don’t take the wins, your team takes the wins, you take the losses.” –  On the responsibilities of leadership. 


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