Secrets to Successful Team Alignment – Jonathan Shapiro, Chief Revenue Officer


Unlock the secrets to elevating your sales leadership and team alignment in our latest episode with Jonathan Shapiro, Chief Revenue Officer of Abacus Group. Gain exclusive insights into how Abacus Group has evolved since its founding in 2008, transforming from an organically growing IT managed service and cybersecurity consulting firm into an organization with an institutional caliber go-to-market strategy. Jonathan imparts wisdom on the critical aspects of active listening, being a self-starter, and fostering collaboration as key drivers of personal and professional success. 

Explore the often-overlooked challenges that come with transitioning from a capital markets background to software sales, and how Jonathan navigated these waters to become a sales leader. Learn from his experiences about the distinct roles of a quota-carrying salesperson versus a sales leader, and the strategies he employed to bring about team alignment and trust. This episode dives deep into the satisfaction of mentoring team members, empowering them to drive growth, and the invaluable lessons learned from past mistakes. 

Understand the finer points of leadership and management as Jonathan discusses the importance of recognizing individual motivations and capabilities within a team. Discover his methods for setting performance and personal development goals, helping underperforming team members break out of their comfort zones, and leading by example. Lastly, we underscore the importance of mental health and CRM success, offering practical advice on how taking a step back can lead to better performance and decision-making. This episode is a masterclass in leadership for anyone aiming to inspire their sales team to new heights. 

Jonathan Shapiro is the Chief Revenue Officer at Abacus Group, focusing on driving new client revenue growth and reaching global clients across emerging markets. Shapiro is a globally recognized sales leader in the financial services space with over 20 years of strategic leadership experience across the asset management, mutual funds, banking, and software sectors. Prior to joining Abacus, Shapiro’s roles included Head of North America Alternative Sales at Broadridge Financial Solutions and Head of Sales at SS&C Technologies. 


“Too often, people are just waiting for their turn to speak. Active listening is about truly understanding and responding to the needs of the person across from you.” 

“Nobody pushed me into sales leadership; I pushed myself. It’s that inner drive, that motor, which has always propelled me forward.” 

“Collaboration isn’t just a nice-to-have; it’s essential. The most successful teams thrive on sharing ideas and working together towards a common goal.” 


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