True Grit: What Makes a Good Sales Leader – Jeremy Painkin #97


In this episode of Sales Lead Dog, Jeremy Painkin joins Chris to talk about being a people-centric sales leader, the power of grit in a salesperson, and how Jeremy builds his sales team around diversity and a few core attributes. Jeremy also discusses leveraging CRM as a tool to help the sales team achieve their “why” of why they do what they do.

Jeremy Painkin is an accomplished professional with a versatile skill set and a proven track record of success in the corporate world. With a background in business strategy, Jeremy has consistently demonstrated his expertise in driving growth, optimizing operations, and achieving business objectives. 
Throughout his career, Jeremy has held key leadership roles in prestigious organizations, where he has leveraged his exceptional analytical abilities to identify and seize opportunities for improvement. Through his strategic vision, he has guided teams towards setting and surpassing ambitious goals, resulting in significant revenue growth and increased market share. 
Jeremy’s strong leadership skills and collaborative approach have made him a trusted advisor among his peers and colleagues. Recognized for his ability to motivate and inspire others, he has successfully fostered a culture of innovation and excellence within the teams he has managed. His natural talent for building and maintaining relationships, both within and outside of the organization, has been instrumental in creating long-lasting partnerships and driving business success. 
As a passionate advocate for social impact, Jeremy also lends his expertise to various philanthropic initiatives, where he actively contributes to creating positive change in his community. He strongly believes in the power of business to drive positive social and environmental outcomes and actively seeks opportunities to align his work with his principles. 
With his diverse skill set, leadership acumen, and commitment to excellence, Jeremy Painkin is a valued professional who consistently delivers results and adds value to any organization of which he’s a part. 

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  • I learned really early on that you got to be people focused, because you can’t do it yourself. 
  • Be willing to have those tough conversations and tell people you know the good and the bad, and I think you want that in return. I want that just as much as they want to receive that. 
  • “Selling to me is just people. It’s understanding people that have problems with pain, and helping them solve it. 
  • On being a sales leader, “We should get behind that and support people in whatever it takes to get them what they want. Because ultimately, it’s not your why it’s their why. Why are they doing it? No one cares why I’m doing it. They care why they’re doing it. But looking for those leaders, I definitely learned to probably be more people centric, and less, less stick. 
  • “The more diverse of a team you have, the more difference of opinions that you have and the more differing viewpoints that you have, which only help make you more successful because it diversifies your entire team. 
  • “What people are looking for is a team 


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