Blending Athletic Grit with Corporate Strategy – Jeffrey Fallis, Head of Sales and Customer Success


Discover the keys to becoming a sales and leadership powerhouse as Jeff Fallis of GoFormz joins us for a riveting journey through his career, from humble beginnings to the pinnacle of sales success. Learn how mentorship, a strong work ethic, and the wisdom to carve your unique career path can accelerate your ascent in any industry. Jeff’s remarkable story starts with selling hockey tickets in Arizona and evolves into spearheading the digital transformation for companies across construction and field service sectors, embodying the universal applicability of sales skills.   

Step into the arena where sports and business strategies converge, offering a masterclass in leadership. In this episode, Jeff and I unpack the nuances of guiding a team through the highs and lows, setting the stage for a winning mentality. We tackle the tough aspects of leadership, from the personal growth that comes with transitioning from individual contributor to a leader, to handling the complexities of delivering difficult news during a crisis like the COVID-19 pandemic. Drawing inspiration from sports legends, we delve into the importance of resilience, role definition, and learning from failure to create a successful business playbook.   

Cementing customer relationships and achieving lasting success hinges on the synergy between sales and customer success – a theme we explore with depth and insight. Jeff shares his philosophy that the sales relationship doesn’t end at closing; it’s only the beginning of an ongoing partnership that can make or break client retention. We reveal the strategies for setting clear expectations, the crucial first three months post-sale, and the benefit of a cohesive team-selling approach. New team members have embraced this philosophy, which keeps salespeople actively involved and supportive, solidifying the foundations of customer relations long after the initial handshake. 

Jeff Fallis is the currently the Sr. Director, Head of Sales and Customer Success at GoFormz, a San Diego based company focused on enterprise software for digital forms and data capture. His career spans over 17 years in sales and technology, having held positions as an individual contributor all the way to Executive leadership. As the Vice President of Sales at Blast Motion for 5 years, another San Diego based startup, he helped lead the company’s transition from early-stage sales to multi-millions in business. As the VP of Digital Media Sales at Pointstreak Sports Technologies, he was a member of the Executive team which successfully executed the sale of the company in early 2016. Prior to joining Pointstreak, he held the position of Director, Digital Media Sales at The Active Network, which filed an IPO in May of 2011 and was a 4x Presidents Club award winner. Throughout his career, Fallis has consistently built strong sales teams and effective strategic GTM plans in the technology sector. Fallis holds a degree from the University of Dayton (Dayton, Ohio), where he was an NCAA Student Athlete, Honorable Mention All-American and 3 year starter on the Football team. He also holds a Master’s degree in Sports Business Management from The University of Tennessee, where he was a graduate assistant in the Athletic Department for 2 years before moving on to start his career in business. Mr. Fallis was born in Akron, Ohio and resides in Carlsbad, California with his wife Breana and their two children, Stella 3, and Clay 2. 


“In sales, the game never pauses. The ability to stay focused and disciplined underpins success in any competitive field.” 

“Mentorship has played a critical role in my journey. I’ve been fortunate to have strong mentors who have helped shape my career and leadership style.” 

“Sales is not just about closing a deal; it’s about initiating a relationship that you continually nurture for long-term success.” 

“Adaptability and learning that you don’t know everything are key lessons that I’ve carried from my early career roles to today.” 


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