Honest Sales: Don’t Say It, Show It – Mike Eckhoff #95

Interested in learning about AI generated synthetic data, leadership development, and sales as an interdisciplinary process across your company’s teams? In episode 95, Mike Eckhoff, Chief Revenue Officer at AI MOSTLY, joins Sales Lead Dog to share his expertise on these topics and more. Mike and Christopher also discuss what makes a CRM tool effective and successful and the importance of honesty in sales.  

Mike leads sales, customer experience and revenue growth for MOSTLY AI, the leader in Generative AI Synthetic Data.  Most recently, Mike led sales for Armory, the first Continuous Delivery platform built on open source software developed by Netflix and Google.  He has over 20 years of experience leading enterprise sales with CA, HP Software, Tricentis and others. Mike specializes in building scalable sales teams to deliver consistent revenue growth through repeatable sales motions. . 

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  • “We’ve got to be generous with our time, and that’s the most valuable resource that a sales rep has is their time. So deciding where and when to spend your time is probably the hardest part of the job today.”
  • “It’s not something you can tell someone that you’re honest, you have to show it.”
  • “CRM has to be a value add for the frontline sales rep. And for the frontline sales manager, if CRM is a task, you know, I’ve had places where you had to put a calendar entry to update your CRM once a week. If that’s the case, then you might as well throw it away, because it’s not serving the purpose.” 
  • “The entire business is sales. And if we aren’t able to deliver results, you know, with accuracy in a predictable manner, it affects the entire business. And so I always want to include those other groups into the sales process” 


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