Capture The Data – Sally Duby

Sally Duby, Chief Sales Officer & Partner for The Bridge Group, Inc. is a veteran in the field of technology inside sales. Having started out with Oracle in their early days as an inside sales rep, Sally learned the power of building strong foundations and where that success can lead.


In today’s episode, Sally dives into what her experience in sales leadership has taught her about building strong process, rallying a team through a pandemic, and how pivoting is vital in times of change.


Tune in to today’s episode to learn about strong leadership in the face of adversity!


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  • “They don’t care how you help somebody else. At the beginning, they want to know what you’re going to do for them, what problems can you solve and what’s the business value bringing.” (33:32-33:41)
  • “You have to do a minimum of 25% more activities to get that first meeting versus pre-COVID and email responses rates have plummeted.” (44:03-44:44)
  • “That’s going to be our recommendation, capture the data because it leads to such great information and ways to pivot and change your business to get the best benefits out of it.” (39:49-40:29)



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