Building Trust and Personal Brand in the Mortgage Industry – Brian Vieaux, Author, President, and COO


How do you navigate the complexities of the modern housing market? Join us as we sit down with Brian Vieaux, the President and COO of FinLocker, who shares his remarkable journey from the mortgage industry to leading a cutting-edge SaaS platform designed to simplify the home buying process. Brian reveals how FinLocker seamlessly integrates tools like Mint.com, Credit Karma, Rocket Money, and Zillow, offering a cohesive and branded experience for lenders while making homeownership more accessible and less daunting for consumers. Discover the innovative ways this technology is paving the path for first-time homebuyers. 

Have you ever wondered what fuels a career pivot from human resources to a thriving sales role in the mortgage industry? Uncover the story of a mortgage professional whose journey was shaped by supportive mentors, a fear of failure, and a passion for homeownership. From their academic background at Michigan State University to the transformative moment that turned a job into a calling, this episode highlights the profound impact of believing in the economic benefits of homeownership and how it shifts sales from mere transactions to delivering substantial consumer value.

What does it take to adapt and thrive in the ever-changing mortgage industry? Learn how trust, referrals, and proactive engagement through financial education and social media are becoming pivotal for sales professionals. Brian shares his insights on leveraging LinkedIn for thought leadership, building a personal brand, and maximizing CRM tools to foster meaningful consumer connections. Whether you’re a mortgage industry veteran or simply curious about innovative sales strategies, this episode offers invaluable lessons on navigating market fluctuations and enhancing your approach to consumer engagement. 

Brian is passionate about financial literacy and empowering lenders with digital financial tools to attract, engage and retain customers. His 30+ years executive career in mortgage banking has positioned him to help lenders execute an embedded finance strategy, transitioning from a transaction focus to one of continuous consumer engagement. Brian began his mortgage banking career with Source One Mortgage, which was acquired by CitiMortgage.  He went on to hold executive leadership roles at prominent lending institutions, most recently leading the TPO business at Flagstar Bank. In 2005, Brian attained the Mortgage Bankers Association industry designation of Certified Mortgage Banker (CMB). Brian is an alumnus of Michigan State University.  Brian is a former RESBOG member and was co-chair of the MBA Wholesale Executive Forum. Currently, Brian is a board member of the Downtown Boxing Gym Youth Program. This non-profit organization has been teaching kids in Detroit’s toughest neighborhoods valuable life lessons inside and outside the classroom and boxing ring since 2007.    


“I’m a huge proponent and fan of the LinkedIn platform. It’s worked for me and if you’re out there and you’re building a sales business as a leader or your job is the frontline sales and especially if you’re B2B, I think you need to be on LinkedIn and you need to be, you need to make that part of your job.” 

“Now, as a loan officer, you have to be really skilled at relationship management, be compassionate and patient and be willing to play a long game of 18 or longer months to earn the right to win the business.” 

“I don’t think there’s such thing as a bad CRM. Most of the time when I hear about a bad CRM, it’s a bad user of the CRM.” 


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