The Three P’s: People, Process and Profit – Wesleyne Greer

Chemist turned sales coach, Wesleyne Greer has a clear idea of what contributed to her sales success: people, process, and profit… and in that order. Wesleyne explains that her work in a lab just wasn’t getting her the face-to-face interaction she craved. She turned to sales as a profession because it fulfilled her constant curiosity and played to her listening skills and problem-solving strengths. Once she entered a sales role, Wesleyne quickly realized that this profession was the job she had always dreamed of.

Wesleyne’s passion and drive resulted in a rapid ascent from individual contributor to international sales manager. However, when she reached this new stage on the sales ladder, she was surprised by a striking deficit in available resources. While she had received plenty of guidance in her entry role, there just weren’t the same support systems in place at the managerial level. This experience inspired Weslyne to start her own business that focuses on helping sales managers transform into empowered leaders, who can effectively guide their teams to consistent success.

Tune into this week’s episode of Sales Lead Dog to learn more about Wesleyne’s perspective on how sales managers can establish a balance between authority and individualized support for each and every team member. How should a sales manager approach top performers? How do you balance pressure from your boss with adding lasting value to your sales team? What integral role does your CRM play in your team’s success? Wesleyne and host Chris Smith will explore these questions in-depth during this week’s episode, “The Three P’s: People, Process, and Profit.”

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  • “It’s all about the three P’s: People, Process and Profit. In that order.” 
  • “I say it’s all about the three P’s and its people, process and profit. And I put profit at the end, and people at the beginning because essentially without the right people in place, you’re not going to be profitable and building a process without having the right people in place, you won’t ensure that you have profit.” (4:48-5:12)
  • “I tell people that when I got into sales, I finally figured out what I wanted to be when I grew up.” (6:31-6:37)
  • “I always always tell sales managers and sales leaders it’s about solid sales skills….You can teach them your products, your services, you can teach them the technology. But what you can’t teach somebody is really solid sales skills.” (9:49-10:06)
  • “You build your sales process not based on what the corporate office wants it to be or what your boss wants it to be. You make your sales process off of what’s working in the field. And the way you figure out what’s working in the field is you talk to the top performers.” (15:48-16:03)
  • “When I ask a sales leader, ‘Who is your salesperson or who are your top salespeople?’, they always give me the one who’s hitting quota. But to me, it’s more about consistency. Sometimes people can have a really great year, and then they can be duds for the next two years. So a definition of success is consistency.” (20:50-21:14)
  • “You have to do a postmortem because it’s ok to lose a deal, but it’s not ok to lose a deal the same way twice.” (28:10-28:18)


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