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Studies have found that 65% of salespeople using mobile solution achieve their sales quotas. Comparably, only 22% of reps have reached their quotas when using non-mobile CRM.
-Innoppl Technologies

Mobile CRM

Why does Mobile CRM work so well?

Using CRM in real-time is powerful. Making notes while they are fresh, capturing to-do’s immediately, and turning in-the-field interactions into life long customers is what makes mobile  work better. Mobile solution increases positive customer interactions and improves data quality. Our clients have seen a remarkable difference in the way that their employees interact with customers after implementing mobile solutions, and found that this transformative technology is a key factor in keeping pace with business and maintaining a competitive edge.

Nervous about cloud security?

Nervous about cloud security?

Don’t be. Empellor CRM’s clients in the banking sector have been able to successfully implement a secure mobile solution in accordance with strict regulations. Using solutions from trusted vendors like Microsoft, Citrix and others, we can implement a solution that protects your mobile devices and data.