Cumulative Advantage – Mark Schaefer

To succeed and stand out in this very busy world requires more than just greatness, it takes momentum. This is what Mark’s new book is trying to teach us.

The highlight of this episode is centered on his new best-selling book, Cumulative Advantage. Listen to this podcast now and learn what inspired him to write the book, what the book is all about, and how it can help an individual in succeeding even without having safety nets or having millions, just pure momentum!

Mark W. Schaefer is a globally-recognized author, speaker, podcaster, and business consultant who blogs at {grow} — one of the top five marketing blogs in the world. Mark is the top 10 most re-tweeted marketing authorities in the world. He was also listed as one of the Top 10 authorities on Social Selling by Forbes.

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  • “And so that was my journey is to go down this rabbit hole of what is really the system of momentum, what is the pattern of momentum, and how do we apply this in our businesses.” (15:17-15:30) 
  • “It’s not just about having an idea, momentum has to begin by pursuing that that idea by, by creating really a quest of this of this initial advantage.” (20:37-20:50)
  • “And here was the light bulb that went off influence on the internet is determined by who can move content, who can move ideas. That’s if you can move, ideas, you move influence if you can do it a lot you’re more influential, and I realized, wait a minute. He can measure influence, and we are on the brink of an entirely new marketing opportunity.” (24:53-25:22) 


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