Continually Evolving – Mark Musselman

Coaching is a calling that Mark Musselman has honed and perfected over the past 20 years. His years of experience as CEO running 2 rapidly growing $30+M companies has led him to start his own consulting company so he can coach others to success.

In this episode, Mark explains the coaching styles and techniques that build trust and loyalty between leadership and their salespeople; which leads to continuous improvement, that allows for people to evolve and grow.

Tune into this week’s episode to learn about coaching your sales team to success!

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  • So the one thing that I have found is if I use the language of continuous improvement with anybody, it invites them into this conversation that doesn’t talk about right and wrong, it’s just about continuously evolving.” (25:56-26:09)
  • “In order for any team to work effectively, it has to have a platform and a foundation of trust. So people withhold when they don’t trust in the condition of the team, with more trust comes more transparency.” (31:43-32:05)
  • “I run into all kinds of circumstances where I’ll show up in a room with a leadership team. And like you can hear a pin drop. Right. And what that is an indication of like nobody here trusts the leader, right, because there’s no conversation taking place, and everybody’s sitting on their hands and they’re biting their lips and they’re hoping and praying that I don’t call on them.” (35:16-35:40)



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