“Time Management Is Crucial” Kevin Armstrong

“You always go into a situation to learn,” says Kevin Armstrong, Global Enterprise Strategy Leader at ENAVATE. He talks with host Chris Smith about his passion for sales leadership, and how he cultivates an atmosphere of learning, growing, and striving for success. 

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What are the lessons Kevin tries to impart on his team? You have to want to learn, and you have to go all in to succeed. But despite his passion for going all in, he knows that the key to sales success is being efficient with your time — and sometimes that means saying no to opportunities that just aren’t right for you or your company. As he tells Chris, there are two winners in every sale: the one who wins and the first one out.

Tune in to hear more of Kevin’s surprising lessons on sales, sales leadership, and how to balance intuitive selling with CRM.


  • “You always go into a situation to learn” (3:18-3:21)
  • “Ask the person, what is it both personally and professionally that drives you?” (21:49-21:54)


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