The $3 Million Dollar Bus Ride – Ashley Welch

“Your deal gets won or lost in discovery,” says Ashley Welsh, Somersault Innovation and co-author of the book Naked Sales. In this energizing interview with host Christopher Smith, Ashley talks about Somersault Innovation’s approach to sales — which is all about co-creating, collaborating, empathizing, and curiosity. 

Ashley’s training is definitely not your standard sales approach. She believes wholeheartedly that story-telling and empathy are the roots of a good sales relationship, and that you need to embrace vulnerability to find success. She tells the story of a $3 million bus ride that one of her clients took in order to understand the real pain points of Greyhound drivers. Going out and experiencing a product is, for Ashley, the best way to prove to a customer that you understand them — and what their customers need, too. 

Tune in to hear about an uncommon approach to selling that centers our humanity; and some amazing success stories that prove it really works. 

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  • “You are also a problem finder. Not just a problem solver.” 
  • “And the other thing we talked about in discovery is this idea of you are becoming a problem finder not just a problem solver like you’re looking for more problems that may even be outside the range of what you can solve for because if you can understand the whole landscape of your customer and their customers. Then you put yourself in the position of trusted advisor.” (7:33-7:53)


LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/awelch1/
Website: https://www.somersaultinnovation.com/

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