Don’t Sell. Solve. – Joey Kercher

“I want to be able to text you,” says Joey Kercher of Unicorn Puff, a B2B services company that offers marketing and coaching support to companies looking to scale their business or get out of a sales rut. Joey talks with host Chris Smith about his human-centered approach to sales, which focuses on building lasting relationships with clients and thinking about who they are as people, not just prospects.

As one of three identical triplets, Joey knows what it takes to stand out. His life-long entrepreneurial spirit most recently brought him to Unicorn Puff, where his role is that of a sales and business coach for struggling and scaling companies. In that coaching role, Joey focuses on relationship building. For Joey, understanding the pain points of customers and being able to connect with them on a personal level is a game changer. Though sales people often don’t look beyond a closed deal, Joey sees sales as the initial phase of a lifelong relationship.

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From intentionally including typos in your LinkedIn messages to networking tips from the point-of-view of an experiential marketer, Joey shares it all in this episode of Sales Lead Dog.


  • “There’s not just one way of selling to someone, it’s the whole duration of that relationship” (23:14-23:23)


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