Why Use LinkedIn Sales Navigator? Jacob Cynamon-Murphy

If you do B2B sales, you need to evaluate Sales Navigator, says Jacob Cynamon-Murphy, Account Strategist for Microsoft Relationship Sales. As the bridge between the LinkedIn and Microsoft sales teams, Jacob is a huge advocate for LinkedIn Sales Navigator, a tool that can help you expand your network, collaborate across departments, and leverage the power of LinkedIn for your sales team. 

Jacob has worn many hats in his career — he has been an end-user, a developer, a consultant, and a seller of CRM solutions. Jacob loves his current role at LinkedIn not only because of the vibrant company culture, but because his position is all about helping sellers better themselves – both within LinkedIn and Microsoft, and as clients using Sales Navigator to expand their reach. 

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In this episode

Jacob shares a number of exciting features of Sales Navigator, and explains how Sales Navigator can help your team collaborate, cross-sell, enter and use data more efficiently, and utilize connections across your organization — even outside the sales department. He also shares words of advice on how to best implement Sales Navigator in your organization. His #1 tip? Start small, go slow, and be agile. The more you can analyze use and make micro-adjustments to learn best practices, the more successful you’ll be.


  • “Really, the focus there is on ways to improve the productivity of the sales person by putting the data in the right place.” (19:39-19:50)
  • “Some of the biggest challenges [with CRM] are… assuming a change in technology is going to solve a problem that is not a technology problem.” (32:35-32:47)


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