Growing manufacturer builds a better data framework with all-in-one business management solution

A Modular Business Solution For a Modular Structure Innovator

In 2006, the IT landscape of Allied Modular Building Systems, Inc., had no fewer than 26 separate, siloed applications, all hosted in Allied Modular’s data center. Integration was difficult or impossible, reporting took hours or days, and the geographically diverse workforce found it cumbersome to access the various systems over VPN.


The leadership of Allied Modular, which designs and builds customized modular buildings such as office spaces, temporary storage, sound booths, and more, knew that they needed to consolidate into fewer applications. The goal was a cloud-based system that would enable seamless information flow to support all areas of the business, from marketing and sales through operations, finance, and customer support.


To achieve these goals, Allied Modular turned to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. Already longtime users of Dynamics 365 for CRM and sales, Allied Modular took less than a year to migrate to Business Central in the cloud.


The benefits that Allied Modular realized from this move are startling:

  • Data can now flow from CRM through sales and order management, eliminating the need to replicate data in more than one system. The time savings alone saved, on average, 19% of the cost of each order.
  • Allied Modular’s IT landscape now consists of only seven applications. This reduction in IT footprint has saved the company $220,000 per year.
  • With Microsoft Power BI, users are able to build reports and dashboards without extensive BI specialist support, and they can analyze data much more quickly than they could before the change. The result is faster, better strategic and tactical decisions.
  • As a cloud-based solution, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is more secure and robust than Allied Modular’s on-premise infrastructure. The ability to scale up resources as the business grows is much simpler now, as well.

Can You Prove Your CRM Supports the Goals and Priorities of Your Business?

Allied Modular recognized that their existing IT infrastructure was holding them back from achieving their long-term business goals. It’s a worthwhile exercise for every company, of every size in every industry, to examine their systems landscape with a critical eye and ask themselves important questions, such as:

  • Do your applications work seamlessly with your CRM solution?
  • Do you have a wish list for processes that support specific business goals or priorities?
  • Do you have a formal process for end users to suggest system improvements and enhancements?


From the answers to these and other questions, found in Empellor CRM’s “Self- Assessing Your CRM & Process Strategy Checklist,” you can develop a roadmap for continuous improvement, with Dynamics 365 as the centerpiece.


Download the checklist today to see how your company’s systems environment can be enhanced to support your goals and priorities.