Four Tips to Strengthen Your CRM Communication Plan

Implement The Strategic Communication Plan To Grow Your Company Faster!

Communicating the changes that take place with strategic Communication Plan should be done with transparency and tact. Sharing the CRM Communication Plan with your company is central to the change management process and is best done early and with as much detail as possible. We have come up with four ways to help you hone your communication strategy during this significant transition.

1. Share your Mission

Changes must come from the top level of your organization and employees should be given a clear understanding of the main drivers for your business in adopting a CRM. Explain what your business goals are and be as specific as possible. Are you using this system to develop more data about your customer base? Are you working to be more organized in order to be prepared for more sales after a big marketing campaign? It is important that your staff knows how you are aiming to grow so that they trust this technology will improve processes and they can visualize how CRM fits into the larger picture.

2. Illustrate the Game Plan

Giving your employees access to the expected timelines associated with implementation will reduce frustration and keep everyone on track. It is helpful for workers to know when they will receive training prior to the launch, what day the system will go live, and what to expect in the learning curve thereafter. This might be a good time to introduce you CRM Guru as a project manager and a resource for your personnel. Providing employees all pertinent information about this process is paramount to the ultimate success of the project.

3. Take the Initiative To Initiate CRM Communication Plan

Being proactive about communicating with your workforce from the beginning allows for greater clarity throughout the course of implementation. As you introduce your company to this new project, be aware of resistance to change. Keep in mind that those who appear to be disgruntled on the surface may not fully understand the positive impacts of CRM, could be nervous about working with new technology or may want to know specifics about what is expected of them and how they will be supported. Ensure that you address employee concerns as they arise so that your staff feels heard and you set the standard for communication. Make time to examine your communication style and adjust the course if needed.

4. Keep Communication a Conversation

Let your employees know that they are fully expected to make changes to their processes and that communication is a two-way street. Workers should feel comfortable asking questions and working to resolve concerns. It is helpful to establish regular intervals of communication, so create a plan to send videos to employees or written weekly updates. Consider scheduling quarterly meetings with your entire staff or setting up an online bulletin board. Using multiple channels of media will encourage your staff to actively engage in the conversation. Whatever you choose for your company, be sure to be consistent in your interactions so that your workers are up to date with the changes in place and you continue to show the example for collaboration moving forward.

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