Creating Abundance in Business – Faiza Hughell

Working hard and smart is the only time that greed is acceptable in Faiza Hughell’s eyes. Faiza is the SVP of Small Business at RingCentral and has an abundance of knowledge when it comes to sales and building a strong sales team.

She has invested greatly in her staff at RingCentral and has a plethora of wisdom to share about how investing in your employees can create a world of abundance for your business.

Tune into this week’s episode to learn more about sales strategy and creating a culture of learning and evolving within your business!

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  • “You’ve got to work hard, and you’ve got to work smart. And I tell my team this all the time, when you’re working hard, and you’re working smart, that is the only time in life that greed is a good thing. Because it creates this world of abundance.” (15:03-15:13)
  • “A piece of advice, I give every rookie leader don’t think you’re going to make a bunch of yous. Instead, plan on what’s uniquely different about everyone your team, and help them to really highlight their strengths to find success.”  (18:23-18:36) 
  • “I’m super proud of my two vice presidents, the one who leads upselling retention Jenny, and the one who leads acquisition. They have both been with me for nine years and they both started their journeys as insight sellers answering the hotline, taking those small office home office calls. Fast forward today. They’re VPS of a company who jointly lead half of our revenue and it’s amazing. I love to track progression progression is one of my favorite things as a leader.”(24:14-24:44) 


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