CRM Software to support your
quantifiable business goals

Our Core Values

Exceed Expectations.

Good enough is simply not part of our vernacular nor our approach to anything we do. We set the bar high and consistently strive to exceed the expectations of our clients.


Technology never stops evolving – and neither do we. We support our employees in completing a minimum of 100 hours of training each year.


Most consultants love to talk. At Empellor CRM, we love to listen. It’s only through active listening that we can understand the needs of our clients. Having a keen ear is just one more thing that sets us apart.


Work hard, rest hard. We go full bore for our clients during the week, but we also value and respect our employees right to personal time and maintaining a healthy work/life balance.

Empellor CRM

Our Leadership

Christopher Smith – Empellor CRM Founder & Principal

Chris Smith has a passion for transformative technology, is a leading partner for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement and is a certified Dynamics 365 Implementation Partner. Chris possesses a unique ability to comprehensively scope, conceptualize and implement impactful CRM and XRM solutions. Chris’ driving force is to create powerful, long-lasting results for his clients that enhance their business operations today and for years to come.

After launching Empellor CRM in 2007, Chris was struck by the fact that most CRM software implementations at the time were neither driven nor inspired by clients’ business goals. Leveraging his years of experience in enterprise software implementation, along with an innate ability to isolate both inefficiencies and opportunities, Chris developed a unique and powerful methodology that puts customer business goals at the center of every short development cycle. Empellor CRM continues to utilize and evolve Chris’ innovative methodology to deliver some of the most comprehensive, business-enhancing CRM implementations in the industry.

Empellor CRM

Empellor CRM Software Staff Expertise

Our team of CRM experts are industry rock stars who delight in sharing their skills with each other, our consultants and our clients.

We only hire top CRM talent – typically senior consultants – with deep, quantifiable expertise in both business and technology.

Our people primarily work remotely, but also travel onsite when necessary, as we feel face time with clients is essential to success.

While hiring for technical talent is essential to our team, we believe cultural fit is equally as important.

Empellor CRM seeks out technical experts who embody empathy, humor and humility; who know how to ask the right questions; who are blessed with active listening skills; and who have a vision for all things possible.

Our people mean everything to us, because ultimately, they are the ones that will drive our clients’ success.

And that is what it is all about.

Empellor CRM

Our 360 Degree View Sets the Stage for Success

Our Empellor CRM team are experts at creating objectively better results with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement, enabling businesses to achieve groundbreaking growth.

Our low risk, consultative implementation style ensures you get a 360 Degree View of your customers and your business operations – insight that we believe is imperative to achieve an impeccably functional and incredibly powerful CRM.

Our team boasts a pretty impressive track record of creating customized, innovative, practical solutions – and successfully implementing them the first time at bat.

Nervous about cloud security?

Our Powerful technology is ignited by expert knowledge of the business industry

Our financial services customers choose Empellor CRM because of our ability to understand their system’s unique set of rules, specialized business processes and crucial security and stability concerns.

We blend our experience in the finance industry and business consulting with our command of CRM implementation to create CRM that truly delivers.

And we deliver this same level of care and eye for detail with every client, in any industry.