Generate Surveys With Ease that Connects You With Your Customers

When we develop technology road maps with our clients, automated surveys is frequently near the top of the list. Microsoft Forms Pro is a simple yet comprehensive survey solution which offers capabilities that make capturing and analyzing customer feedback simpler than ever. Reach your customers easily where they choose to interact with you by using any web browser, tablet or mobile device.

As responses are submitted, use Power BI reports to analyze them and workflow automation to generate actions in real time. Microsoft Forms Pro allows you to get rid of the spreadsheets and third-party tools and showcase better results.

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A Survey Platform Your Entire Organization Can Use

  • Customized to your brand.
  • Utilize AI to identify appropriate questions.
  • All the functionality you expect: advanced branching, skip logic, individualized survey links, and multilingual capabilities.
  • Supports surveys where your customers can be reached best, optimized for their mobile devices.
Microsoft Forms Pro

Leverage Surveys Across Your Enterprise

  • Capture responses at the perfect time by automatically delivering surveys via optimized triggers.
  • Connect to Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement to personalize questions – the best way to drive response rates.
  • Use the information obtained to drive future customer interactions and processes in Office 365 and Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement.

Use AI to Power Your Process Improvement

  • Accelerate change incorporating real-time survey results and analytics into improvement loops.
  • Sentiment analysis, trend identification, and keyword detection powered by AI.
  • Use automatically triggered actions and notifications based on responses and sentiment.
Microsoft Forms