Dynamics 365 Portals Improves Customer Engagement

Customers expect your company to have a portal. Satisfying this expectation does not have to be expensive or difficult. 

If you have a Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement instance, you already have one portal licensed. Now you have to decide how to leverage it to make it easier for your customer to engage with your business.

Maybe it’s embedding a chat bot to engage proactively with your customer, or maybe it’s taking a key business process and data and extending it through the Dynamics 365 Portals into a customer-facing web experience?


Launch Portals As Part of Your CRM Strategy


What We Love Most About Dynamics 365 Portals

It’s hard to limit this list, but here are some of the features that make such a great solution for customer engagement.

Dynamics 365 Portals

SharePoint Integration

Providing your customers with the ability to upload documents or access statements should not be hard.

Not with Portals.

SharePoint can be extending into your portal without writing any code.

It’s that easy.

Combine SharePoint with the power of Dynamics 365  Customer Engagement and Microsoft Flow, and the sky is the limit when it comes to enabling document management across the enterprise.


Dynamics 365 Portals uses Bootstrap themes. Why does this matter?

It means the Dynamics 365 Portals can be customized to match your branding for a consistent look with your existing website.

And it’s fully mobile compliant, so your customers can engage using the platform of their choice.


Responsive, mobile-first design utilizing Bootstrap allows use on any device.

Mobile is #1 for customers today, and Portals makes it easy.

Single Customer View

The same data layer used for CRM, Portals and Marketing providing for a single view of the customer.

That means there is no integration to worry about or maintain, no additional complexity that makes it hard.

It does not get any easier and we love easy.


External authentication is provided by the ASP.NET Identity API.

This means you can authenticate your customers to the portal using Google, Yahoo!, Microsoft, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Without writing a single line of code.

Start Improving Customer Engagement Today

Dynamics 365 Portals is one of the best kept secrets in Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement, and one of the best ways to improve the customer experience.

And it does not have to be hard, take a long time to implement, or cost a lot of money.

Our team has completed over fifty portals implementations across a variety of industries, and we would love the opportunity to implement yours as part of your CRM customer engagement strategy with Dynamics 365 Portals.

Dynamics 365 Portals