One Size Never Fits All

At Empellor CRM, we know that no two organizations are alike, so we never rely on the cookie cutter approach to Microsoft Dynamics CRM implementation. Our team of CRM experts take a painstaking and respectful approach in assessing your current systems and unique needs.

We harness the best of your existing systems, synthesize them with the new, then harness all that automated power to deliver exceptional functionality to your operations and extraordinary insight into your customers.

Dynamic CRM Implementation

Full Service Expert Implementation

Starting with the changes you desire most, our Dynamic CRM implementation experts take a deep dive into your immediate needs and concerns as an organization.

Then – using our proven methodology – we design and build you a powerful, customized CRM solution.

We take a collaborative approach to the process and supply all the necessary resources – like design, coding, quality assurance, training and deployment – for your successful implementation.

And because we know that during the implementation process your needs just might change or evolve, we are always ready and willing to adjust our sails to accommodate your new goals.

Dynamic CRM Implementation

At Risk Implementation

Organizations with the best of intentions sometimes find themselves struggling with frustrating CRM issues like lack of user adoption, poor data quality, messy functionality, excessive change orders and poor data quality.

Our team of experts won’t just salvage your underperforming CRM, we can likely make it perform beyond your wildest expectations.

Our Empellor CRM consultants will assess your at-risk implementation and audit your methodology, skill set, scope and requirements – then generate an efficient and effective plan of action to breathe new life and functionality into your CRM.

CRM Upgrades

CRM Upgrades Mean Better Functionality

While every upgrade is unique, each is inspired by an organization’s desire to do business better.

Our team will listen to your pain points and then leverage our comprehensive CRM expertise to implement the upgrades that deliver the functionality you need.

We perform upgrades to the latest version of Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement and migrate on-premise CRM to Dynamics 365 Online.

Performing an update can be simple or quite complex, but regardless of the scope or scale, Empellor CRM will give your system the boost it needs.

cloud migration

Cloud Migration Is a Game Changer
(as long as it’s done right)

Cloud computing has revolutionized the way organizations store, access and engage with data. The cloud environment expands organizational scalability, increases performance and flexibility, requires far less administration and is exponentially safer than local storage and computing. And unlike traditional computing systems, the cloud requires no data storage backup and dramatically streamlines disaster recovery efforts.

But keep in mind, cloud migrations are a complex – often tricky – undertaking that require substantial expertise to ensure success and functionality.

Empellor CRM has comprehensive insight into every aspect of cloud migration and we are experts at establishing online environments and upscaling your on-premise feature set to the cloud. We also are experts at the hardest task: migrating your data and customizations. Our skilled QA team conducts comprehensive validation testing to ensure that your system delivers optimum performance and functionality.

Let Empellor CRM leverage our substantial implementation knowledge and invaluable migration expertise to deliver a smart, powerful cloud strategy to your organization.

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