The Customer Defines Your Value Prop: Doug Vail

How does the transition to private equity change an organization? On this episode of Sales Lead Dog, Doug Vail, Chief Revenue Officer at Industrial Inspection & Analysis, talks with host Chris Smith about his unexpected move to sales leadership as a result of a private equity buyout, and how private equity puts the company focus on continued growth — even in times of hardship.

Doug, who started his career as a mechanical engineer, never imagined that one day he would be the CRO of a rapidly expanding business like IIA. But he does credit his engineering background to his methodical sales process, and his ability to continually grow and learn from his mistakes. At this point in his career, he admits that what set him apart was his commitment to discipline — to getting up everyday ready to “practice his craft.”

As for his relationship to CRM? Doug says he can’t imagine running a company of any size without it.

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  • “Private equity is always about: ‘how quickly can you get me to the next level?’” (19:50-19:54)


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