Love Thy Marketing Manager: David “Rev” Ciancio

What role should marketing play the sales cycle? “Every role,” says David “Rev” Ciancio, Head of Revenue Marketing at Branded Strategic Marketing. Rev and host Chris Smith take a new approach this week and look at sales leadership from a marketing perspective, exploring how marketing and sales can work together to acquire and retain customers.

Rev realized sales wasn’t his calling early in his career. He wasn’t a bad salesman, but much preferred coaching other members of his team and looking at the big picture. He used his experience in sales to jump into marketing strategy, and has been working to integrate the marketing and sales departments in every company he’s worked for since.

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In this episode

Rev offers actionable steps to build a strong relationship between marketing and sales teams, with a focus on every step in the process from lead generation to customer retention. From co-writing sales sequences to encouraging sales teams to guide marketing content, Rev has solutions that you can implement tomorrow to get great results.


  • “I’m a believer in understanding the customer journey and aligning all of your efforts towards that” (11:06-11:18)
  • “Any department that touches revenue… should have a dotted or even a direct line to marketing” (18:27-18:35)


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