Sales Training Does Not End At 30 Days: Chris Palmisano

A sales leader is also an educator according to Chris Palmisano, Founding Chief Operating Officer / Chief Revenue Officer at Rocket Dollar, a financial services startup specializing in alternative investments. He talks with host Christopher Smith about the role that learning plays in every element of the sales industry, from hiring to advancement to using CRM.

For Chris, a passion for learning is what differentiates a bad sales rep from a good one, and it’s also important he builds learning into his own work, every single day. For example, he always hires two people at once, so if it doesn’t work out he can determine whether they don’t have the right skill set for the job, or whether he needs to improve as an educator and leader or that someone will be a great sales leader. When he’s hiring, he looks for people who have been successful at something, because it shows that they have a hunger for learning, and the follow-through to make it happen.

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Take a close look at sales with a focus on training — and learn from a top performer in the startup world — in this episode of Sales Lead Dog!


  • “Believe it or not, things like ‘what’s the forecast look like,’ get discussed in the boardroom.” (22:35-22:42)
  • “As sales professionals we can either evolve, or we can die, and there isn’t really an in between anymore.” (26:32-26:40)


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