The Sales Power of Social Media: Chris Emme

Does 50/50 ad revenue sharing on social media sound impossible? For Chris Emme, Chief Revenue Officer at Tsu, Inc., it’s the norm. Chris Emme talks with host Christopher Smith about Tsu, a new startup that’s helping content creators get the most out of social media, with a platform that reflects the symbiotic relationship between social media platforms and their most influential users.  

When social media started, we were just trying to connect the world. Then we thought about how we could use it to maximize distribution of things like news, media, products, and services. But according to Chris, Social Media 3.0 is all about commercializing content creation – and developing a more democratic model for platforms to share revenue with their creators. It’s all about using social media effectively – and that starts from the top down.

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Chris also shares some important lessons he’s learned about resilience, mentorship, and leadership in sales. His primary takeaway? Make it personal, make it real, and meet people where they’re at. If you can take a personal approach and walk in your customer’s shoes, you are already ten steps closer to success than most of your competitors.


  • “We face no all the time” (11:33-11:36)
  • “Persistence breaks down resistance” (12:42-12:45)


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