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Momentum Textiles

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Momentum Textiles
Empellor CRM Perspective

Momentum Textiles is a leading manufacturer of commercial textiles and wallcoverings for businesses of any size. The challenging downside to Momentum’s success as one of the industries largest suppliers was that its growth outpaced its aging digital technologies, including its legacy contact management system, Goldmine.

Their out-of-date Goldmine system eventually failed to be the tool that Momentum needed to scale with and continue its growth. Goldmine suffered from limited
integration capabilities between systems, including Momentum’s enterprise resource planning (ERP) system.

This prevented them from getting the most out of their technology and created inefficiencies between their sales and marketing teams, IT, and Executive Management for basic requests such as forecasting and sales reporting. These issues compounded over time and left Momentum with few options. Fortunately, Momentum Textiles is a portfolio company of private equity firm The Riverside Company, a firm that Empellor CRM is proud to be partnered as a preferred vendor solutions provider.

Both Riverside and Momentum management realized that Empellor CRM was the perfect partner to address Momentum’s long-needed digital transformation.

Create Flexibility With a Next-Generation CRM

Momentum contacted the Empellor CRM team to begin a full redevelopment of their CRM, leveraging Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement as their new platform.

Empellor CRM deployed not only the client’s new CRM sales platform, but also implemented a dynamic Azure Synapse Data Warehouse with Power BI data analytics, fully integrated to provide complete visibility for product data, sales information, customer relationship management, and more.

Additionally, Empellor CRM prioritized post-goal support after implementation to offer multiple layers of training at different levels, which drove the adoption of and excitement for the new solution.




Complete CRM Mastery Across Data, Processes, and People

With Empellor CRM, Momentum revolutionized the management of product and customer data. Now, sales teams can get sales numbers any time they need (compared to their previous reporting schedule of once a month) with marketers gaining the ability to create new programs at speed. Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement also improved their goal tracking and reporting flexibility across the board and provided confidence that their CRM will have accessible, visible, and trustworthy data whenever it’s needed.

Empellor CRM was selected for this project because of their focus on  people and processes first, then applying technology to automate and support business processes and tasks.

To that end, Empellor CRM prioritized training in their implementation and helped Momentum’s stakeholders understand the “why” behind the project. Empellor CRM provides businesses with tools to make their lives easier and their jobs simpler but getting everyone on board is a necessary part of the process. With that in mind, Empellor CRM always aims to show users that CRM mastery is easier than they think—provided they have the right partner behind them.

By focusing on post-launch support as much as the implementation itself, Empellor CRM provides a high-quality approach that makes Dynamics 365 management easier than ever.

Momentum Textiles agrees. Positive feedback from client teams has been overwhelming, with numerous staff praising the implementation as one of the smoothest CRM projects they’ve seen.