Case Study

How One Tool Created Global Visibility and Data Transparency

Abracon is a global leading manufacturer of passive components for timing, magnetic, and RF & connectivity solutions.


Abracon Empellor CRM Perspective

With over 25,000 active customers and 300+ million parts produced annually, Abracon knew its internal systems needed updating to support its evolving business processes as they pursued their strategic goal of scaled growth.

Abracon’s customer relationship management (CRM) system became a key area of focus. As a global manufacturer, Abracon found its CRM no longer effectively reflected the business processes of an expanded sales force that includes external manufacturing rep firm relationships, nor incorporated the substantial data management needs across its catalog of 50,000 unique products. This resulted in struggles such as:

Data silos and manual processes managed in spreadsheets

  • Concerns over data quality and completeness
  • A complete reliance on email due to a lack of automated alerts, notifications, and approvals
  • A sales process implemented that did not support the needs of Abracon’s strategic goals.

These issues prevented Abracon from growing in accordance with its goals. Without new solutions, there was no way to overcome these challenges.

Empellor CRM

Abracon made contact with Empellor CRM to explore new strategies built on a modern, integrated CRM.

To begin, Empellor CRM and Abracon worked together to create a multi-phase project roadmap that would help them reach their modernization and growth goals.

Phase one of this project re-engineered the CRM to boost value, and this created more connection and alignment between marketing and sales. As a global company, Abracon
needed to move quickly throughout the project. Empellor CRM completed phase one at a rapid pace and finished in just twelve weeks. 

Phase two of the project focused on product management. By consolidating the spreadsheets and disparate systems into a comprehensive Product Hub, a single source of truth was created to power new capabilities for the company and allow them to proactively engage with customers. A key part of this process included setting up automated processes for document management and data, and it shifted the client’s data formats for easier management.

Together, these adjustments brought a high degree of visibility to the data in Abracon’s CRM and its customers overall.



End-to-End Visibility and Data Accuracy

After implementation, Abracon’s system was extended to all sales and marketing teams, including independent manufacturing sales reps, providing a complete, end-to-end view of their sales pipeline. Empellor CRM introduced a new paradigm for CRM, addressing the issues preventing full adoption by the sales team and providing new levels of insight into the sales pipeline.

Importantly, it is also now a data management platform that is a single source of truth for all users that supports their business processes and can scale as the firm scales. Instead of maintaining data in multiple locations and attempting to keep it synchronized, there is one location that feeds all dependent processes and systems.

While CRM implementations at this scale can become high-risk endeavors for some, Empellor CRM’s proprietary Propellor methodology approach strives to minimize and, where able, eliminate risk.

Although this particular project was for a CRM upgrade, Abracon also gained a shift in perspective that supported its growth goals.

“Fundamentally, CRM isn’t technology. It’s a business strategy, and you need to treat it as such. How can I leverage this tool to achieve my strategic objectives?” – Christopher Smith, founder of Empellor CRM.

As Abracon’s implementation demonstrates, choosing the right partner who focuses on your business processes and strategic goals and then implements the right tools and solutions – such as a modern CRM platform configured to support growth – will help move you in that direction.