Building Strong Foundations – Alvin Crawford

Alvin Crawford brings more than 25 years of experience in sales strategy, product development, customer success and thought leadership as Chief Revenue Officer for Revolution Foods. Prior to joining the company, Alvin served multiple leadership roles in both start-ups and large corporate concerns.

In today’s episode Alvin breaks down the intricacies of leading a company that is dedicated to bringing 2 million healthy meals to adults and students across the country. His humble beginnings of being a door-to door sales rep selling books gave him the building blocks of what it means to be a strong salesman.

Tune into learn from a leader whose experience has allowed him to build a strong foundation around him in order to excel and succeed!

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  • “So I think there was an insurance agent Albert Gray, that successful people do the things that unsuccessful people aren’t willing to do. And so, if you think about that contextually, it’s really about forcing yourself to put the habits into practice.” (20:17-20:32)
  • “You make sure that your marketing and your messaging, are solid, before you start building on a massive team, because it’s not their fault that they can’t sell a product that you haven’t been clear about, in terms of the value proposition.” (26:34-26:50)
  • “You want prompts to remind you to call this person to do that you want to be able to push out information to lots of people that you’ve talked to over time. All of those things are better if you’ve got a CRM system that is in place.” (36:17-36:27)


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