Good Question Lead to Closed Deals: Bob Marsh

“How do you show your team that you’re really listening? This week on Sales Lead Dog, host Chris Smith talks with Bob Marsh, Chief Revenue Officer at Bluewater Technologies Group, about his leadership style, and the habits and processes that he uses to really listen to his team, even as a CRO.

Bob takes a people-oriented approach to everything he does as a CRO. His 30/60/90 day plan, which he implemented when he started at Bluewater, was designed to help him make sustainable, smart changes with greater employee buy-in. His tips for success? Listen, ask great questions, and don’t be afraid to get in the weeds sometimes and really connect with direct sellers — just because you have a fancy title, doesn’t mean you have to keep your distance.

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Join us this week as Bob shares his unique philosophy on what it truly means to be a leader.


  • “People love to talk, so help them talk.” (7:25-7:29)
  • “Understand that the purpose of your role is to make other people better” (18:42-18:46)


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