Are You Able to Manage Sales Growth With Good CRM Data?

Are You Able to Manage Sales Growth With Good CRM Data?

“Double-digit growth.” Every company strives for it in metrics such as revenues, profits, and customer base. As well, employee headcount, while not a direct goal for most businesses, can be an indirect indicator of success.

For those companies that are fortunate enough to achieve “double-digit growth,” however it’s measured, it can be a two-edged sword. If not managed with strategic investments in infrastructure and technology, high growth rates can drive up costs and push employees and customers elsewhere. A sustainable high growth rate means careful planning and a scalable IT environment.

Park Place Technologies, a post-warranty IT services provider based in Cleveland, Ohio, understands this. Their recent past has seen remarkable growth, both organic and inorganic. Through it all, they have managed a 97% customer satisfaction rate and 99% renewal rate. With over 15,000 customers in over 140 countries, they need systems that accommodate new customers and employees added through both acquisition and an aggressive organic sales growth strategy.

For the sales side of the house, Park Place Technologies turned to Microsoft Dynamics 365.The Dynamics 365 Sales application, integrated with LinkedIn’s Sales Navigator, provides the sales team with the right customer data at the right time. As a cloud-based solution, it scales easily and is always available to the globe-spanning sales team.

The Dynamics 365 solution gives the company numerous benefits and high expectations for future capabilities, such as:

  • Greater efficiency in identifying prospects and understanding their needs
  • End-to-end digital interaction with customers
  • Better analytical capabilities driven by artificial intelligence

According to Jennifer Deutsch, Chief Marketing Officer, the Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform provides not only a robust solution for the present but a flexible toolset for the future. “Dynamics 365 will improve the data quality that we have, and make it more usable to drive the behavior we want to drive…. We expect to take advantage of a ton of productivity improvements as we remove manual processes.”

Is your CRM system a lever that facilitates growth (double-digit or otherwise), or is it more of a speed bump? If you suspect it’s more of the latter, use the Empellor CRM “Self-Assessing Your CRM & Process Strategy Checklist” to find out why–and what to do about it. The checklist will help you answer questions such as:

  • Do you trust the data in your CRM?
  • Does your data lack standardization? (This is a common problem for companies that grow by acquisition.)
  • Does your CRM build effective relationships with customers throughout the sales cycle–and beyond?

Of course, not every company can expect sustained double-digit growth, but no company should be held back by its CRM environment. Download the checklist today.