Don’t Wait. Don’t Fret. Get Going. – Angel RIBO, The CEO Confidant

“Take imperfect action now,” says Angel RIBO, founder of the CEO Confidant and expert in helping corporations expand their business to a global market. In this episode of Sales Lead Dog, Angel talks with Chris about what it really means to embrace your mistakes and move forward.

Angel learned everything he knows from making mistakes. He shares a story about a major multinational corporation he thought he had in the bag — after all, the CEO was also from Spain! But a few cut corners cost him the sale, and it took 5 years to finally snag that major client. Angel admits that as shameful as it is to admit to the mistakes made along the way, it’s the only way to move forward. In his work both as a sales leader and a guide for major companies looking to scale up, doing something is always better than doing nothing. Everything is a learning experience. As long as you are authentic to yourself, you’ll find a way to stay afloat.

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You’ll want to check out this energizing talk with Angel RIBO about making mistakes, imposter syndrome, caring for your customer, and so much more.


  • “There is no perfect path to where you want to go but the reality is the sooner you make certain mistakes the sooner you are going to get there.” (10:59-11:10)


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