You Can Be Bald And Still Smash Quota: Alex Hoffer

“If the pay stays the same, and the authority stays the same, would you still want it?” asks Alex Hoffer, Chief Revenue Officer at Hoffer Plastics Corporation. As the CRO of a family-run business founded by his grandfather in 1953, Alex has had to think a lot about why he does what he does, and how he can continually do it better. In this episode of Sales Lead Dog, Alex talks about his transition from fixing air conditioners on the roof of his family’s factory to running the company with his father and two sisters, and all the lessons he’s learned along the way.

When it comes to sales leadership, Alex has a lot to say about how to be “followable,” which is the ultimate goal of any leader. For Alex, being a leader is about being willing and able to do what others won’t — to run into the fire, instead of away from it. But he also realized early on in his career that if he kept running into fires without caring for his emotional health, he was going to run himself and his team into the ground.

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Tune in this week for thoughtful advice on leadership and self-care, a great analogy about CRM technology, and even a few good jokes.


  • “You are unfollowable when you are not healthy yourself.” (11:09-11:13)
  • “Leadership comes down to a very simple thing: are you someone people want to follow?” (17:48-17:54)


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