Accountability vs Responsibility – Tiffani Misencik

Tiffani Misencik, Intelerad’s Senior Vice President of Sales in North America, is a results-oriented healthcare IT leader with over 20 years of experience. She attributes her hard earned success to 3 things: grit, a collaborative mindset, and her opinion.

In today’s episode, she brings us through her humble beginnings as a sales rep for a soap company all the way to now where she mentors sales industry professionals and the accountability she has learned along the way.

Tiffani leads a team of high-performing sales executives and manages all aspects of business development, forecasting, contracting and driving excellence by supporting her team to both meet and exceed sales goals. Tune in today’s episode to learn the difference between responsibility and accountability.

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  • “And let me tell you what I didn’t know then that I do now the difference between responsibility and accountability. And it takes a while to get there.” (17:25-17:34)
  • “You know, they, you know, I often say that I’ve really appreciated getting older, because the wisdom comes with it, right? So I don’t mind as the numbers tick out.” (16:47-16:55)
  • “You have to make a pivot from caring more about yourself to care and your own performance to caring more about your team’s performance.” (25:58-26:08)
  • “I think one of the things that has helped me so much is being able to reach across aisles and collaborate right to get everyone on the same page to move a strategy forward. Super important in a sales rep.” (29:42-29:54)


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