Greg Grand – The Art of the Interview

“Go deep” says Greg Grand, founder and CEO of G-Squared Advisors. Greg consults for businesses that want to scale up by revamping their sales process, strategy, and execution. In this episode of Sales Lead Dog, host Chris Smith is talking with Greg about what it really means to support sales growth, from training to CRM and beyond.

Greg is used to diving in and offering practical tips, and that’s exactly what he does in this episode. He talks about adopting a “servant leader” mindset, and investing in both group and individual training for everyone on your team, even top performers. He talks about balancing business and personal goal setting, how to interview so you actually get to know someone before you hire them, and what CRM can do for your employees on an individual level–not just for the company.

This episode is jam packed with tips for everyone on your sales team, from the rookie seller to the CEO. You won’t want to miss it!

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  • “…you need a sales leader who’s been doing this, has interviewed hundreds of salespeople, to really figure it out because salespeople are salespeople they’re going to be great on their interviews.” (12:09-12:18)
  • “When they see that you’re investing your time in them and you care and you really want to see them succeed, it tends to create some pretty good loyalty.” (24:14-24:22)  
  • “A sales leader should be in the servant leader mindset.”
  • “I believe that a sales leader really should be putting themselves in a servant leader mindset. That almost in essence you work for the sales team.” (6:52-7:00)


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