What is your Why? – Kayleb Bowes

“I’m still a work in progress,” says Kayleb Bowes, Vice President of Sales at Nationwide Laboratory Services. Throughout his career, Kayleb has been committed to learning and growing. And for him, that all comes down to knowing his why. 

As a medical sales rep and leader, Kayleb can find part of his why in his company’s mission — Nationwide is helping doctors diagnose patients and save lives every day. But for him, it goes deeper than that. Beyond the numbers, Kayleb measures his team’s success by company culture. He wants people to feel appreciated, cared for, and to have fun. And having that human-centered approach helps him stay connected to the importance of his work as a sales leader. 

This week, hear Kayleb talk about how he motivates his team through wins and losses, and his transformation from CRM hater to CRM lover once he realized just how important CRM technology is to fulfilling your mission. 

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  • “So I would say that there’s not one way to be successful in a sales career, right. I’m not to go off script, but to be genuine. I think that’s something that you can’t teach — to be genuine and to kind of create your own style.” (8:50-9:05)
  • “Be Genuine and Create Your Own Style.” (12:30-12:34)
  • “I’d rather take somebody that doesn’t have the knowledge, so you can train the knowledge but I don’t. for me personally I don’t think you can train someone to work hard…” (25:06-25-15)
  • “I would go back to the three priorities that I told you earlier, right, I can’t put the first one on them right because that’s not everyone else’s priority… again it goes back to, to the why, what is their why?” (26:55-27:06)


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