Customers Have A Thirst For Value: Dave Sandhoefner

“Passion is a skill,” says Dave Sandhoefner, CRO at Delaget. And so is sales. In this episode of Sales Lead Dog, Dave talks with host Chris Smith about how to bring value to both your customers and your staff by continually working to understand what they need, and what you can offer them.

Dave began his career in video production, and though he loved his job, the meager salary just wasn’t going to cut it long-term. He moved to the sales team at IBM, and though he wasn’t a “natural” at sales, he discovered that learning on the job and developing his passion transformed him into a top performer and leader. During that process, Dave solidified his idea that we can’t just develop relationships – we always need to bring value.

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Now Dave is the CRO at Delaget, an analytics company that services the restaurant industry, including big names like Taco Bell and KFC. In his work as CRO, Dave focuses on bringing value to customers and employees alike, with a focus on lasting relationships that are mutually beneficial. Tune in this week to hear Dave’s perspective on how to maximize value for everyone, both on your team and in your CRM.


  • “Value, at its core, is where I try to start all relationships.” (8:20-8:25)
  • “It’s customer value, understanding what’s important to them and trying to match your solutions with that. If you don’t have a matching value you can have the greatest relationship but it’s not necessarily a valuable relationship or one that works for your customer.” (7:48-8:03)


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