Case Study

Momentum Textiles Creates Value with a New CRM

Momentum Textiles is a leading manufacturer of commercial textiles and wallcoverings for businesses of any size

Momentum Textiles had substantial data management needs across its manufacturing portfolio, but their legacy contact management system, Goldmine, was out of date. With limited integration capabilities between Goldmine and their enterprise resource planning (ERP) software, Momentum struggled to coordinate data effectively among its sales and marketing teams.

Based on a recommendation from The Riverside Company, Momentum contacted Empellor CRM for a new CRM-based digital transformation. Empellor CRM completed the project in under twelve months using their proprietay Propellor methodology to mitigate risk, determine the client’s goals, implement value-driving processes, and provide post-launch support.

Today, Momentum leverages their CRM to handle all aspects of product and customer data. The CRM reporting capabilities provide a flexible way to stay on top of emerging goals, and all users can access data with confidence, knowing that the CRM data is centralized, accessible, and trustworthy.


Outdated Legacy Solutions Restrict Progress

Momentum’s primary challenge pre-project was managing its growth goals through an outdated contact management system. Goldmine, the client’s legacy platform, failed to integrate with Momentum’s ERP and created a disjointed management system with data silos for products and customers.

Additionally, Goldmine had static reporting capabilities that required developer input to run, so marketing teams couldn’t access the insights they needed to be effective. While Goldmine had been effective at bringing Momentum to this point in time, the client’s data management needs had outpaced their system’s capabilities. New solutions were necessary to keep everything on course.

Creating CRM Mastery With Cutting-Edge Solutions

In our view, Empellor CRM was the clear Solutions choice for Momentum’s CRM project. Our technical teams had worked with Empellor CRM on a previous CRM deployment for another Riverside subsidiary, and this gave us a firsthand look at how Empellor CRM differentiates itself in the market.

Empellor CRM’s driving ideology focuses on people and processes over technology. Although immersed in technology, they understand that new solutions are only as effective as the teams using them. Every solution is only a means to help users achieve a new business objective.

This was the guiding philosophy for Momentum’s project, a twelve-month engagement that spanned two primary phases:

  • Determining goals and which implementation processes would drive the most value
  • Focusing on advanced features and capabilities to support the transformation

To reach this solution, they deployed the new CRM alongside an Azure Synapse data warehouse. Empellor CRM also upgraded the client’s marketing technology stack on top of their Microsoft Dynamics 365 implementation to create an entirely new capability of data visibility across all systems and silos.



Single Source of Truth Across All Data and Processes

Armed with this new system, Momentum‘s new CRM now acts as a single source of truth across all data and processes. Sales and marketing teams can run reports at their discretion, which allows them to better respond to changing goals and market forces.

However, one of the most important aspects of the implementation came in the third phase: post-launch support.


Empellor CRM provides a high-touch approach to CRM deployments that keeps everyone on the same page. In many ways, this support is as important as the implementation itself. Momentum gained both a new CRM and an ongoing support partner that ensures that all aspects of their CRM function as they should.

The advantages of a people-first approach is evident in the results. Momentum’s teams praised Empellor CRM’s project as one of the easiest CRM implementations they’d seen, and users are reaping the benefits every day.